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Sep 26, 2011 9:00am EDT
of is particularly attractive this is a house put together by the team from purdue university in indiana mcken that is on that team and joins me i think it is my midwestern vibe i am getting from this house. >> exactly it is called in home short for indiana home we wanted a midwestern style home that would appeal to a broad market of homeowners, what you see is a typical home, when you come inside it has all the things you are used to having. >> you guys are in second place. >> that's right. >> how far behind are you from first place. >> .4. >> very close. >> there is still lots to go this week. >> yeah. >> in here tell me what your team has been thinking over the past couple years. >> we have been thinking we like to design a home that appeals to a lot of people. this house is very livable. >> it is. >> when you walk inside you feel like it is your home we wanted something when you sit down, you don't feel uncomfortable you want to have people over and it is an easy, accessible way of doing it. >> you would choose this home even if it didn't have the energy efficient benefits you would say i
Sep 5, 2011 7:00am EDT
florida in south bend indiana. 81,000 seats were cleared twice before the game was suspended this was the stadium's first evacuation in 60 years. >> great video an unbelievable play at wounded warrior amputee celebrity softball game the ball was hit by steve shenaby. he drove one to center but double amputee steve wagee makes a great play, falling backwards. >> he was a guest we had friday. >> that is daryl green great game for a great cause. tucker you had the chance to play as well just stepping out on the field and playing has got to be great but also with these great -- that is christine brennan with the great athletes these wounded warriors are, just a great time. >> incredible athletes what a great opportunity we had a party afterwards, the coach is fantastic they are hitting the big time going all over the country playing big stadiums everywhere they told me, they played in a little town back in ohio a month ago and 5200 people showed up. >> what is this a picture of? >> me at bat. >> you had late in the game a home run. >> yeah, later in the game. >> you a lefty. >> y
Sep 13, 2011 7:00am EDT
of the indiana national guard, head over heels with his girlfriend kelly oz bourn, he surprised her as she arrived in indianapolis. >> numerous times >> i think before yeah. >> if we have to be away from each other we will make do that is why we signed up to do our jobs. so if we have to be a part from each other -- >> want to put it on >> they don't want to wait too long they hope to tie the knot in the next 6 months. >> how sweet. got to love it. >> good luck to them. >> that makes me all teary eyed. >> just a little. >> sure is. good luck to them. >> all righty, let's ooler air behind it it will be much cooler around the great lakes, places like that, parts of new england and upper midwest, could see their first falcon decisions of the year here, we will have highs in the 50s end of the week forecast next five days, 87 degrees. quiet day, sunshine, warm showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. as a cold front comes through high 88 thursday 77, isolated thunderstorm friday saturday and even sunday. highs in the 60s with sunshine. i should say a mix o
Sep 14, 2011 7:00am EDT
of heavy rain illinois pushing into indiana. quiet conditions for us along the east coast for the most part it will stay that way today, with the exception of a couple lonely showers and thunderstorms popping up here and there, i think particularly north and west of the city late this afternoon and during the evening hours, how much rain? not a lot looking at our future cast, projection of what is going to be going on during the course of the day clear skies for the most part this morning a little bit of fog out there this morning. that is it maybe around 5:00 p.m., a couple showers popping up mention off to the north and west there you see that there and through the evening hours, tomorrow better chance of having rainfall move in here including a couple thunderstorms in afternoon and evening, forecast today, looks like this mostly sunny and warm a few afternoon thunderstorms, 87 degrees for your high, then for tonight temperatures 60s. partly cloudy isolated early showers and thunderer storms, 69 degrees for your low, five day forecast, all right, 87
Sep 19, 2011 7:00am EDT
here. there is rain way out to the west. we will talk about ohio, indiana, michigan, western portions of tennessee and kentucky, placed like that. so -- places like that. nothing here. there is a warm front, the line here moving eastward. it will bring us warmer temperatures, particularly the middle part of the week. the cold front will bring us showers and thunderstorms off and on during the course of the week as well. today is the quietest day that we have on tap with a mix of clouds and sun. reagan national is reporting a temperature of 60 degrees. relative humidity at 80%. winds out of the east at 9 miles per hour with an easterly flow. we have a coastal flood advisory in effect until 3:00. another day of below normal temperatures with clouds and sun. high in town of 72 degrees. not a bad day at all. enjoy it. >> let's check in with julie wright and the commute. >> i have to tell you bumper to bumper slow. the outer loop is slow past colesville road. the inner loop is unusually slow getting past 29 around new hampshire avenue where w
Sep 6, 2011 7:00am EDT
grossbeck texas, and begonia springs indiana and iowa, and how they rebuilt home in their own lives by paying it forward and by going to other communities hit by disaster and you know what? we survived just like you survived and what is so powerful about this beautiful movie, it is such an inspiring movie, it shows how all of the people that we helped on previous anniversaries on 9/11, how every year, they keep showing up at the next community, and as their way to pay it forward. so it is really about, you know, i joke around, it is like a big dysfunctional family reunion of all of these disaster survivors who get together the weekend before 9/11, double the population of some small town nobody has heard of and do barn raising. >> to help raise their spirits. the love and hope that you say was felt there in new york, you're just trying to spread that around. can i ask you about your thoughts on this 10th anniversary as we move into this are remembrance of 9/11? >> i appreciate the question. for years, people have asked me, how do i personally deal with 9/11. i tell them i don't. i c
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6